Take Me Out (To Eat)

Music fans and foodies CAN co-exist, as evidenced by my latest read, Sound Bites: Eating on Tour with "Franz Ferdinand.

Lead singer Alex Kapranos gives a fun glimpse into what road food really is all about while composing little snippets of food reviews during two and a half years of touring.

My faves: his impressions of Tex-Mex in Austin, the exploration of marrow bones (ew) in an NYC bistro, an awesome description of the Formosa Cafe, a celeb haunt during L.A. movie studios glory days that now just serves really good westernized Chinese, his Asian expolits of strange sushi and blowfish in Japan, and his extreme distaste for Subway sandwiches and American versions of "chips," as in "fish and -."

His touring bandmate Andrew provides some funny adolescent-like illustrations to go with each entry.

Fun reading if you like the band and are interested in restaurants around the globe!