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Pour Some Sugar Oatmeal

In continuation of the real vs. artificial theme (see last week's Butter/Margarine post), I am also reconsidering my stance on sugar and artificial sweeteners.
With my new WW plan, sugar and honey are verboten, but I can have all the Splenda, Sweet-n-Low, and saccharine tablets I want. YUM.

Growing up, my mom used a 50/50 mix of sugar and fake stuff in her sweet tea and I bought into it too for a while. I tried using Splenda, because it's marketed as "made from natural sugar." Granted, Splenda has less of an aftertaste than the more aspartame/saccharine stuff, but it's no sweet treat.

A few weekends ago I made a trip to Whole Paycheck in Green Hills to see if they had any natural calorie free sweeteners. I found something called "Z" natural sweetener. It's okay in flavored teas like chai, but in coffee or on oatmeal it is wretched. I spent nearly $13 on the bag, so I feel sort of obligated to use it instead of chucking it in the trash.

I want to adhere to the WW plan as much as possible, but I don't know that my potential healthier, body-loving life will be better/healthier/"new and improved" with fake foods like margarine and Splenda. I live for honey drizzled on oatmeal, apple slices and yogurt. I want to taste the good coffee we spent $10 bucks on per pound instead of the chemical after-burn of fake sweetener. All in moderation, right?

In the WW meeting last night I was tempted to shake up the joint by asking the meeting leader if WW has a particular stance on artificial foods, but I think my inquiry would be viewed as a stubborn holdover for butter and sugar. Would it be hypocritical to follow parts of the plan and not others?

I think not, as I want success and body confidence, but I don't know that I can have it on the terms of ingesting things I don't think are natural or safe. Here are two articles on fake sweeteners: effect on metabolism and cancer.

Changes in my habits I see forthcoming:
1) No Diet Cokes. Eh, they're not that great to begin with. Reg. Coke is waaaay too sweet. High fructose is just as evil, IMHO. So no sodas altogether. Good thing I like water.
2) No freepouring on the sugar canister. We have one of those diner-style glass sugar holders that have the little flap on top. One teaspoon should do it.
3) Tossing out the Z fake sweetener bag. It gets an "F" for taste.
4) Throwing out the Brummel & Brown tub and the spray bottle of I Can't Believe I Use This Crap. Buying butter. Using only a little each time.

One day 'til Friday... Whoop, whoop!


  1. Again, a big hell no on the fake food syndrome. I mean, really, are you going to eat a cup of sugar a day? A few sprinkles of the real deal won't sabotage the WW plan, I do believe. And, if the food tastes crappy with artificial additives....why bother?
    A hint for sugar...I buy those little paper packets and use them....for portion control. Yes, I am littering the planet with MORE paper but I'm watching my sugar intake!!
    Keep up the good work!!
    Scott's Mama


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