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Mishmash of food stuff - Peanut Butter and beyond

What is up with mixing natural peanut butter? With all the gooey oil on top, it requires an industrial strength mixer to get it all gelled together. I tossed an entire $4.95 jar into the trash out of disgust this past weekend because I couldn't properly combine the oil and the rest of the peanut "matter." I nearly dislocated my elbow stirring that mess.
Just give me Peter Pan - all that's required is the little pull and peal seal to get that stuff going!

Random, I know.

Molly at work tells me that Scott and I indeed misordered at Kien Giang. Apparently the Pho, Po' Boy sandwiches and "pancake" dish are where it's at. Looking forward to giving it a second try. And, I'm happy to know she and Mark are reading this. Hey ya'll - feel free to send me some thoughts/comments/heckling/whatever.

Right now I am digging on Detox Yogi Tea and the "Blueberry Walks Into A..." Bar from Trader Joe's. The bar is like a Nutri-Grain but actually tastes like natural fruit. Scott and I hit up one of the new Trader Joe's in Charlotte over the holidays. My disbelief that Charlotte can have a TJ but Nashville goes without is still in effect. Why hast thou forsaken us, Trader Joes?

Time to do real things now. Eat on, ya'll.


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