The road to good intentions...

In Nashville we have a strip of Vietnamese businesses along Charlotte Pike and while passing through there last night after our recycling extravaganza, my peripheral vision caught the restaurant Kien Giang shining like a beacon atop a hilly strip mall.

"That's the place Mark told us about!" I shrieked and asked Scott to pull a U-ey. My boss's husband, a major foodie as well, told us about Vietnamese on Charlotte that was amazing and I knew this had to be it.

We determined it was dinnertime and thus appropriate to enjoy some Vietnamese.

I ordered an iced coffee, which came with condensed milk. Super sweet, but tasty and the coffee quality was amazing. However, our fried spring rolls were ghastly-bad. As Scott said, "These were either made six hours ago or were just thawed." Cold, limp and not flavorful.

Scott had a stir fry squid dish (!) and I had spicy beef with rice. It tasted average - nothing to rave over, which was really disappointing considering it came highly recommended. Scott and I gawked at the CitySearch banner hailing the establishment and the number of patrons that filled up the place - our other Vietnamese joint on Charlotte rarely has any guests than ourselves when we eat there. It was hella we wondered if maybe we just ordered wrong or came on an off night. Some detective work is required on this food case, I believe.

In better food news, the grill at Whole Foods at the new HG Hill Center is great. Understaffed, but when you have a bar seat perched on a view of the open kitchen with one main cook and one person handling orders, drinks and the register, it's evident that a little patience and understanding is required

Shout out to the lady with your panties in a wad who sat to my right on Saturday evening and asked the server if you could "either come back and pay later or pay now because I don't want to wait any longer." When the server said "No, I'll take care of it. Thanks for being patient" and you replied under your breath but loud enough so that the rest of us could hear, "No, I wasn't", maybe the little mechanism in your brain that tells you "Oops, I'm being an asshole" buzzed. It should have, because you were rude. Did you even notice that one cook was handling at least 10 orders in succession and one person was in charge of the rest? I'm sure you needed to rush on so your could buy your $15 block of Havarti cheese and $40 steaks, but a little common decency is required.

Hats off to the staff at the Whole Foods Grill. I enjoyed my Seared Scallops and Scott's sweet tea marinated fried chicken was really tasty. The place could use another pair of hands at least for drink refills and cashing out orders, but it's a brand new operation so maybe that will come.


  1. Look, I was trying to express myself in the best way I knew how...


  2. Girl, don't even. I know your mama raised you with proper southern manners. Then again, you weren't actually born in GA now were you?


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