Better Late Than Never

Laziness and my job have prevented me from posting in a while, but now I am back with food tidbits from Boston and beyond. Our trip to see friend Tony in Baaaaston was a real treat in more ways than one. I have declared Beantown my new favorite East Coast city! Scott can detail the food adventures of Boston, from the lobster roll to the tasty Italian fare and gelato we gobbled up in the North End. Let me just say that Clam "Chowdah" and Lobster Ravioli, plus a few rounds at an Irish pub while watching the World Series, equals a great time!

I have to mention that tonight Scott and I made this dish
from a cookbook I purchased recently at the motherstore of all things random, T.J. Maxx.
It was tasty, but as the recipe clearly states, it's a great tapas-type food, not so much a meal. I made rice to supplement, as with Scott at the table, it's smart to have reserves on hand. ;-) I really love cilantro and sweet Thai chili sauce, and I added mung bean sprouts as a crunchy fresh accoutrement. For the ground chicken, I tossed the diced chicken in my blender (!) instead of the suggested food processor (don't have one). Raw chicken in the blender is a far cry from the usual smoothie ingredients, but hell, it worked.

Yesterday we visited the new Whole Foods("Whole Paycheck") in Green Hills, where we experienced several new things.
1) Four bags of organic, pesticide-free food will set you back $160.
2)LeAnn Rimes likes bulk granola.
I shall explain...
After Scott and I hit the produce section, we were in search of dried mangoes when an insistent store clerk pushed through the masses (it was insanely crowded). I found it strange that the store clerk narrarated ("As you can see, we have a great selection of naturally sweetened gingersnaps...") as he moved along down the aisle, until I looked up from the dried fruits to see LeAnn Rimes (young country singer whose career peaked about 10 years ago at age 15 with the Patsy Cline-esque song "Blue") scanning the bulk bins for granola. She had an entourage of four, one of which was her husband, and her own Whole Foods Guide. Another Nashville Celebrity Sighting - Good Gawd! I will not be impressed until I see our resident living porceline doll Nicole Kidman with my own two eyes. I hear her Botox work is pretty incredible.

Okay, away pettiness. Where was I? Oh, the insane prices we pay for chemical free food.

This week, on the Adams menu, we will make Shrimp Pil Pil, Grilled Salmon, some hummus b/c I need an excuse to use the tahini I bought forever ago, a tortellini and pesto w/ grilled portobellos and a few other goodies I want to try out.

I am in search of some healthy filling lunch fare as I am sick of eating salads and then being hungry by 2 p.m. Anyone with ideas, shoot 'em to me!

Eat and be merry,



  1. I am happy to report that Augusta is movig up in the health food world.We are getting an Earthfare!

  2. Lunch? Hmmm...oatmeal? Brocilli dip, an apple, and some crackers? soup? leftovers from the previous night? microwaved scrambled eggs and ham? tuna fish? 2 salads...



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