A weekend tasted, not wasted

Scott and I traveled to the Tullahoma, TN area this weekend as guests of friend Jenne, who has a kick-ass connection to a beautiful farm.

Complete with a cute cottage, amazing barn converted into sleeping quarters, a spring-fed wading pool, and even a golf cart to herd the dairy cows, this getaway is the place to go when you want to satisfy your urge to play "farmer in the dell."

Being the fabulous cook she is, Jenne treated us to a variety of gourmet farmhouse goods though we were miles away from the nearest Kroger. Anyone who has not tried cherry pie straight out of a cast iron skillet just hasn't lived. Ditto for homemade ice cream (those ice cream-maker camping balls you see in the L.L. Bean catalog really do produce great dairy products!) and the amazing Pain Pardue (french toast stuffed with cream cheese and topped with homemade strawberry syrup). My God I can't eat ever again. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Scott and I made a side trip to Sewanee, The University of the South, on Sunday. It truly is a beautiful place, or as my boss calls it, the Harry Potter University - Stone buildings, preppy rich kids in polos and pearls abound, and it's just so very Down South Ivy League.
Sheninigans in Sewanee is a great spot to grab a light bite to eat - I recommend the Thai Chicken Salad and the sun dried tomato tortellini.

For those who'd like to see a male presence on this blog, e-mail or call Scott. My requests have landed upon deaf ears. I myself am truly having a blast writing on here. It's a great excuse to eat - it's research, baby. ;-)


  1. Sewanee is part of Scott's family legacy, if you will.
    Cousin Chance went there and is now the young doctor in CA.
    And, Jack Hitt, Aunt Joan's brother, also went there.
    Jack is a wonderful writer who has appeared on NPR and has authored numerous articles for the NY Times, Esquire Magazine among others.

  2. You are truely too kind...it was a pleasure as always to spend time with my prolific-foodie-writer friend and her non-writing spouse. :) Tis a shame that he never learned to craft a sentence. Oh, well. We can't all be perfect :)



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