Thai Me Up, Thai Me Down

A big "Halleloo-yer" for the best Thai place I've had here yet in Nashville, Sukho Thai, at 2450 Music Valley Drive, Nashville.
Jenne introduced it to me this week and Scott and I had dinner there again last night - I just can't stay away.
Despite it's unfortunate location, attached directly to a Go-Cart "fun zone" (I kid you not - as you slurp your Tom Kha Gai soup you can also enjoy the sounds of carts zooming past your window), the place has it going on! Excellent fresh spring rolls - the non-fried kind that are translucent wrappers with loads of cilantro, carrot, lettuce, and shrimp/crab, and a tasty peanut dipping sauce.
My first time I ordered Panang Curry with chicken; the next time I had the Angry Beef. It was vicious, as I needed many a water glass refill! Scott did not care for his Pacific Noodles, but you can't always win.
It's nice to know the place is there, as so far we have been a little ambivalent about Siam Cafe, Siam something else on White Bride Road, and the long-gone SalaiThai.
As I type, I am chuckling over the go-cart location. It's just another example of how the most unsophisticated, rundown, hole-in-the wall, strip-mall-esque places can have the best food.
What's your favorite unpretentious restaurant?
Luv much,