It's me, the missing writer..Breakfast for Dinner

Okay, I know, I know, I've been slack about getting onto write here.

This evening, I had a variation on a favorite meal from my childhood: Breakfast for Dinner! Yes, my parents were twisted enough to convince my sisters and I that it's normal to cook up a pot of grits and bacon at 7 p.m. : )

Looking back on it, Breakfast for Dinner makes sense from a number of standpoints.

  1. When you've run through pasta, rice and meat n' three variations, plus your usual repertoire of dishes, there's always breakfast as a refreshing change from "dinner foods."
  2. It's easy to make, and ingredients are almost always on hand (milk, eggs, some kind of bread = French toast, the same for pancakes, grits, etc., and bacon's always something good to have on hand)
Okay, I quickly exhausted my rationale, but I pulled off a breakfast dish this evening that I've tended to bungle-up: omelets. I opened the fridge, saw our scant leftovers (small tupperware container of marinara sauce, leftover stir-fry [Erin claimed that]) and noticed two bare eggs sticking out of their recently ripped carton.

"Hmm, those need to be eaten" I thought to myself. So, I pulled those two and a third fresh one down, rummaged through the produce drawers to find a half an onion (needed to be used), half a tomato (needed to be used) and some Greek gyro bread ("pre-oiled" [olive oil] for toasting). In finding some feta cheese, LIGHTBULB!, I had a Greek omelet in the making.

After sauteeting the onions and peppers, I then set up the egg and laid the ingredients back into it. I waited a bit, then gently flipped the omelet so it formed a crescent. NOTE: This is the point where I normally screw it up and things turn to scrambled eggs a la veggies.

With this omelet, I flipped it just so and had a great meal, completed with toasted gyro bread and a glass of OJ. Breakfast for Dinner, try it sometime.


  1. Good to see your words, Scott.
    I think breakfast is an open term...I've been known to have a piece of triple chocolate cake with a cup of coffee.
    Hey, there's SOME eggs in that cake!!

  2. You can never go wrong with the breakfast for dinner, always easy and always tasty.


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