Dead man eatin'

So, not to depress anyone, but I found a weird blog about Death Row inmates' last meal requests.

Steak's a popular meal item, but some, such as a vending machine sub sandwich, are puzzling. Plus, Domino's Pizza as the final meal? Ewwwww - it has killing properties on its own, IMHO.

My question: What would your last meal be?
Mine: Sharp cheddar cheese and a Granny Smith Apple to start, with Pad Thai (three-star spicy), washed down with a Mango Lassi, followed by Blackberry Cobbler and vanilla bean ice cream. It's just what I'm feelin' at the moment.


  1. Hmmm. Right now it would be-a huge cinnamon and honey topped real fried icecream dessert with hand made sopapillas. But I just had Mexican casserole for supper so...another day it would be-*real* lemonade like they serve in Paris, my favorite sandwich (a fresh baked french baguette layered from the bottom up with butter, fresh roasted chicken, lettuce, tomato, sliced hard boiled egg, mayonaise (real french!), butter), kettle cooked salt and vinegar chips, 2 of Gramma's snickerdoodles with home made vanilla bean ice cream between then roll the sides in more cinnamon sugar. Sigh. OR that fabulous meal I had in Budapest which started with deep fried brie with fruits of the forest and ended with crepes and ice cream. Okay, this is killing me :)



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