The $10 Sandwich

Does anyone else find it harder these days to find a sandwich that tastes decent yet won't totally rupture your budget?

I love Bread & Company - fresh, quick, lots of variety of soup/salad/sandwiches, but GOOD GRIEF - $7.95 for a turkey sandwich? Granted, the turkey looks and tastes like the wonderful post-Thanksgiving real turkey we all know and love, not the pressed, processed, and totally unpoultrylike junk served in places like Subway. But, with a drink and tax, it's a $10 meal.

Compare it to a $5 combo at Mickey D's/Burger King/Taco Hell, and sure, the choice is obvious. I just wish eating fresh food didn't come at such a high price.

Those in Asheville should bow down at the wonderment that is Loretta's, a great lunchtime establishment on College Street in Asheville. Hands down the BEST pimento cheese sandwich ever, with luscious fresh chewy bread that just begs to be savored with every chomp. Plus, great soups and the tastiest lemon bars on this earth. Also a neat quirk - the place is a corridor between two other establishments on the street, so it's a literal hole in the wall. God, I am drooling right now thinking about the pimento cheese. Someone grab me a napkin.

I really wish Loretta would come to Nashville and show people that you can get a remarkable sandwich for the unbelievably low price of $3.95. That's a paltry price to pay for sheer food joy.