Happy Birthday, Scott!

A big foodie "Horray" to hubby Scott Adams, who turns a youthful 34 today. Just kidding. (He's 29). You are wonderful, you can cook, and you are mine. I am thrilled to celebrate your birthday - which this year is being done with bells on.

We are headed out this weekend to Atlanta, to visit with Scott's family. This means, of course, that we will eat like no one's business. Expect a full report after our shenanigans.

In our wish list of places to go in Atlanta: The DeKalb International Farmers Market - truly a marvel. Scott's already asked if we can take pictures there. That place should be on the Market Hall of Fame. Anyplace that has its own international dairy wing is tops in my book.

Also, Trader Joes to hit up their incredible deals on natural/organic/free-range/green foodie items. Why doesn't Nashville have one? If Indianapolis or Cary, NC can, something is just wrong.

Plus, a visit to Atlanta just wouldn't be complete without a trip to the Varsity for a fat greast chili dog. I can already hear the hollerin' of "What'll ya have, What'll ya have, What'll ya have?" when you walk up to the counter. It's a tradition that you just have to experience.