Yesterday I "dined" on a takeout salad from a certain fast food establishment (trademark : red-pigtailed Pippy Longstocking-esque girl), as I left my own awesome sandwich and salad lunch languishing on the couch at home.

As I was scraping the remnants of lettuce and carrot out of the bottom of the salad bowl, what should catch my eye but a dead fly in the mix. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

I could barely keep my lunch down as I hurled the salad in the trash. As I was about a mile from the offending "restaurant" and time was tickin' to get back to work, I didn't reason to return the salad with its "secret ingredient" and ask for my money and my appetite back.

Has anyone else found anything utterly revolting in their food before? I suppose, given this chain's recent problems with found fingers in its chili, I should consider myself fairly fortunate. But, I have to admit it truly does "bug" me out. (Ba-dum dum- chhhh.)


  1. That's terrible..... I can't even imagine... but I can tell you it would be a long time before I went back for seconds...

  2. That just strengthens the reason I don't eat fast food. It is nasty and the quality is low compared to back in the day when it was decent.

  3. Yeah, my days of frequenting any place that has a drive-thu are officially over.
    Mark my words!


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