Gimme Gimme Trader Joe's!

Be cool and click below to add your fabulous self to the "Bring Trader Joe's to Nashville" petition. Despite our craptastic wine sales laws here in Nashville, (Wine can only be sold in liquor stores, no grocery stores. Yeah, big bummer.), we may still have a chance.

Even if you don't live in Nashville, help the foodies out and sign the thing.
Those of us who can't afford the Whole Foods ("Whole Paycheck'), Turnip Truck/Wild Oats/insert ridiculously overpriced natural foods store-here deserve it! See the several blogs below as to why TJ is the best store ever.

BTW it's my birthday and I'm l-i-v-i-n' 27 years young! Surprise birthday dinner tonight, and
fun times this weekend with my mom Margaret, who's flying into town this Friday.

High five to me!