For all the Charleston and/or Anthony Bourdain lovers...

My cousin Ali alerted me to this tasty tidbit of info...
Fantastic chef/author/world traveler/rogue-extraordinare Anthony Bourdain recently visited Charleston, S.C. His show "No Reservations" airs this Monday at 10 p.m. on the Travel Channel. It is a MUST-SEE for anyone who prefers their food commentary with an edge, or has an affinity for Charleston.
A.B. is the executive chef of Les Halles restaurant in NYC - he's a smoker, he's a drinker, and he doesn't take any crap. His little pearls of wisdom about world travel and cuisine are incredible.

I personally lust after this man's gig. He travels, he writes, he eats. What is not to love about that?



  1. Nice!
    You should notify the restaurant about your blog...everyone loves free PR....especially positive comments like yours!
    Keep up the good work....
    California Gurl.

  2. You know who else has an awesome gig - Smanatha Brown!!


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