Epicurious.com is a great site I visit whenever I need a quick recipe to reinvigorate the usual routine/rut of salad, pastas, stir frys, Mexican, etc.
However, Mexican is the theme tonight, as I am hosting Book Club at our place. Menu: Margaritas, cheese quesadillas, black beans, Spanish rice, and the accouterments of salsa, fresh guacamole, and cilantro on the side. Apparently quite a few people have an aversion to cilantro. I am aghast at the notion, as I can't find enough things to put it on! It's great in Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican, Indian...

It's my favorite herb by far. (Sorry, Basil.)
So, here are two recipes I downloaded from Epicurious to try.
Guacamole - http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/105001
Black, Beans with Garlic, Cumim, and Cilantro (on the side!) - http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/101154

I'll give 'em a whirl and letcha know how it all pans out.

PS Scott and I are currently digging on a really simple sauce you can use for kabobs, gyros, anything you want to add a little flavor to. It's basically like this: cup and a half of nonfat plain yogurt, salt, pepper, one chopped, peeled and de-seeded cucumber, three big shakes of crushed dried mint (fresh is better though but who am I kidding with the dry TN weather we've had this summer?) and for zing, a chopped jalepeno. It's heaven and it's one white sauce that won't cause coronary disease!



  1. Does this mean when I come to visit our adventures will be added to the blog bits??

  2. Of course...it's all blog worthy!

  3. PS If anyone wants to know, both recipes came out great. The black beans with cumin were especially a hit. Although next time I will double the recipe - book clubbers are hungry people!

    Like cilantro,cumin is also an amazing flavor enhancer. I have a great cumin-rub recipe for pork chops I need to share. It's truly amazing.


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