Eating until you just can't breathe

This is one for the books. I hope Scott will post today, because he really needs to write on here.

I don't recall a time ever that when I wasn't eating, I was shopping for more food or talking about food that I ate before, was currently eating, or planned to eat in the future. It's just a little insane how foodcentric things can get. But tasty all the same.

Scott and I have photos of our Atlanta trip, and some particularly great ones of the bliss we experienced at Trader Joe's.

We brought back at least six bags of food, four packs of beer and five bottles wine from TJ's, because it's just that great. Plus they give out free bags of chips, as Scott's sister Jennifer learned. Because she truly is all that AND a (free) bag of chips.
The Atlanta aquarium was also great fun - the Beluga whales were fun to watch. Favorite animals of note: Scott's dad Rob wanted to take home a sea otter, Scott loved the Asian sea otters, Molly was all about the hammerhead sharks. I personally was in wonderment of the beautiful Tropical fish - one in particular, the blue yellow-tipped Damselfish.
It looks like this:

After the aquarium, naturally we ate seafood at a great spot Six Feet Under with a cool rooftop patio view of the city skyline. One high note - the discussion of the aquarium cafe and whether it should serve seafood. I personally don't think there's anything wrong with it. It's a way to connect what you see in the ocean and streams and how it gets to your plate.

All in all, great fun with wonderful people that Scott and I don't get to see all that often.